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May 10, 2008

Behe vs Lampreys: A modest proposal.

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On Panda’s Thumb, Ian Musgrave shows how by doing hard work science has undermined further, the Irreducible Complexity argument about the blood clotting cascade as proposed by Michael Behe. In fact, the hard work supported a prediction made by Doolittle.

Ian challenges ID proponents to finally do some science

So I have a modest proposal. I would like to invite Dr. Behe, or any other ID advocate, to predict which coagulation factors are present in Amphioxus, search the Amphioxus genome database and report on whether the genes found match their predictions. The database is free, you can do it at home, and the only cost is your time.

Time for ID advocates to do some science. How about it?

Any Takers?


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