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May 19, 2008

Pielke train wreck

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Tim Lambert at Deltoid discussed the train wreck surrounding Roger Pielke. Much of the similarities between ID Creationists and Global Warming Deniers like Pielke seem self evident, including a confidence not supported by the actual data that their side is correct. In the case of Pielke he confidently stated that the model predictions for the global warming trend were not consistent with the actual data.

Of course, not only were the data consistent, but Pielke did not even know which statistical test to apply to show support for his thesis

And yet, there seem to be some people who have come to believe the arguments by Global Warming Deniers, and it should not come as too big a surprise that there is a significant overlap between those who support the scientifically vacuous position of Intelligent Design and Global Warming Deniers.


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  1. How many times do you have to catch a group lying to promote a belief before you start to question the belief? Why does it not bother you all the emails found in England that prove blatant dishonesty by those who promote global warming or the pictures of the polar bear in distress because of the lack of ice which was shown to have been taken in the time of summer when conditions have been lke that as long as we have data . Global Warming has yet to even prove cause/effect . did tempertures rise because of so called green house gas or vice-versa? Even if it was true getting rid of all carbon burning energy sources would have no significant affect , the affect would be that third world countries would become the heavy winners as thay could care less about the damage and we would starve or die in the civil unrest the hunger would bring about.

    There is a reason Al Gore’s movie was banned in England, it was a lie , an attempt to gain political power by creating an imaginary crisis and scaring people into surrendering their freedom for supposed safety. I remember Global Cooling , I did not buy it either, did you?

    Comment by Frank Cox — August 16, 2013 @ 5:35 am | Reply

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